3 Ways to Get Your Boss to Promote You
Whether you’re a bachelor, have a small family or are ready to start a family, every man wants one thing when it comes to their career – to make more money. Money may not buy happiness, but when it comes to handling financial stress, it certainly handles a lot of your problems. Getting a promotion is the easiest way to put yourself on the path to making more money, but when you feel like simply a number in large companies, it can be difficult to know where to begin.
Unfortunately, some men can feel like their colleagues may look down on them for sucking up to the boss, so allowing your work to speak for itself is one of the easiest ways to drift into a promotion.
Don’t Stay Silent
Often times, it may feel like the boss says something in a meeting that is completely redundant or may not necessarily make sense. Without wanting to offend him or her, everyone stays silent and talks amongst themselves at a later time when the boss isn’t around. Speaking up about ideas and what you may be feeling can be a great way to show that you’re not only willing to participate, but you’re open to getting insight on your ideas.
The most important part of speaking up to your boss is doing it appropriately and professionally. It’s easy to immediately want to shoot down a plan that “sounds stupid” or “doesn’t make sense,” but as someone who runs a company or oversees productivity, your boss isn’t going to promote someone who sounds childish and unprofessional.
Make Yourself Stand Out
Most employees automatically assume standing out means that they will be required to be the center of attention or do something dramatic to grab the boss’s eye, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Instead of being “that guy in accounting” to your boss, do what it takes to earn your name in the office. Expressing your ideas and offering feedback, insight and helpful information to meetings, memos and plans can be an easy way to start getting noticed around the office. If your idea seems unconventional but has potential to be something more, don’t be afraid to speak out.
Not only does standing out give you the right kind of attention, but it allows you to do more than talk the talk. Being ambitious and actually showing this in your actions are two different things, so expressing your ideas will help demonstrate your skills and show that you’re willing to participate as more than just a pencil-pusher.
Don’t Accept Failure
It’s easy to want to give up when you’re rejected; nobody wants to be told in more words or less that they’re not good enough for something. Fortunately, this isn’t like asking a woman out and being told no. Your job is more important and opportunities will continue to arise, whether it’s the same one or something better.
If you didn’t get the promotion or raise you were working towards, continue doing what you were doing and getting ready for your next shot. When you show your ambition and continue offering opinions and ideas for the better of the company you work for, it may not seem like you’re making a difference initially, but your boss recognizes potential when he or s

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