With temptation everywhere and the media influencing what we eat, drink, watch and do with our spare time its all to easy to develop bad habits which unfortunately have a detrimental affect on our health.
Staying on the straight and narrow is easy if you have the correct knowledge and know how. From slouching to skipping breakfast below are the biggest daily offenders and solutions as to how you can fix them.

Slouching on chairs and when we drive

Do you slouch in your chair or your car seat without realizing? If sitting gives you back ache then you are slouching a bit too much that it’s affecting your health. Slouching sends your spine into total disarray. Moreover it puts added pressure onto your bones, compresses your disks and puts more tension on your pelvis causing you an array of aches and pains. Slouching can also cause tension headaches and neck pain as well as constant backache.
SOLUTION – How to fix it? Always make a conscious effort to adopt the proper sitting up posture every time you are seated or invest in a good back support belt if you need extra help.

Weighing yourself constantly

Weighing yourself every day is quite frankly useless. The numbers shown don’t account for gained muscle mass, water storage and a number of other different factors so you could be losing weight but it might not show. You can become obsessed with a number and your efforts could be much better spent elsewhere.
SOLUTION – Get a tape measure and measure weekly your hips, thighs, waist this will show a loss accurately.

Skipping breakfast

Why is eating breakfast so important? Well, firstly skipping breakfast is useless for the metabolism and for your mind, if you haven’t got any glucose (carbs) in you, you will find it hard to focus and concentrate. Eating breakfast kick starts your metabolism and starts off that all-important fat burning process we all desire. After we have slept all night we wake up in starvation mode so our bodies are ready to soak up anything we put in to start you off for the rest of your day! SOLUTION – Give it something it will love! Porridge is a great healthy choice with some fresh grapefruit!

Snacking on the wrong things & emotional eating

Snacking isn’t bad in itself, the principle is fine it’s the choices we make which makes is bad, especially when we are emotional eating for a temporary buzz! Snacking on things without keeping track of what and how often we are eating can pile on the pounds and fill you with all the wrong stuff.
SOLUTION – Sugary treats should be limited or even better, swapped for healthy treats such as nuts and seeds, can you swap a chocolate bar for a low carb, low sugar protein bar? Small changes will look after your health and your waistline so make sure you are reading the sugar and carb content on any potential snacks.

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