Who doesn’t want those incredible round boulder shoulders? Having big shoulders makes your physique appear bigger making your physique appear more symmetrical – that’s if you put equal amounts of effort into training your legs.  Not to mention, locking down your shoulder training regime will enable you to have strong, functional shoulders which will make your good lifts even better. Instead of envying those with god-like shoulders why not start incorporating the below moves so you can start transforming your shoulders today. These 4 moves will hit your shoulders from every angle

1.The Military Press

The military press is an extremely beneficial movement for slamming some serious mass onto your shoulders. You can do it with a loaded barbell or dumbbells; we would recommend dumbbells just so you can isolate each shoulder effectively. The military press trains all three deltoid muscles with the emphasis on the anterior (front) deltoids so it should help round off the deltoids and develop all the shoulder area.

2.The Lat Raise

A lat raise drop set is one of the most effective exercises you can do to add width to your delts. Take lateral raises above parallel to prompt middle delt and trap growth. The dumbbell lateral raise provides good deltoid recruitment and doesn’t put your shoulder joints in a stressful situation. Performing a drop set will take your muscles beyond failure helping to stimulate growth. Start with your heaviest weight and perform 10 reps, drop immediately to a lighter weight and perform 10 reps then immediately drop to a lighter weight for 10 reps.

Variation: Try performing a single arm lat raise on a decline bench. This will mean you can’t just throw the weight up. It forces you to control the movement through the entire range of motion. Make sure you squeeze your shoulder on the way up. Because you can’t use any momentum and you keep tension on the muscles for so long, you may have to use lighter weight.

3.The front raise

The front raise targets your anterior deltoid, which is an area that is often overlooked or forgotten about. It’s a crucial move for rounding the shoulder off nicely and sculpting the whole area.  Front raises are an isolation exercise, meaning they require movement around only one joint. As a result, it’s an effective exercise for targeting a small number of muscles.

4. The Arnold press

This super move covers every head of your deltoid evenly. You can perform the Arnold press seated or standing but it’s recommended to do it seated so that you aren’t using any assistance muscles to swing the weight up.

To achieve boulder shoulders make sure you train them regularly every single week and remain consistent with your healthy eating and protein intake. Of course the above 4 moves are intended to be part of a varied workout regime so make sure you incorporate a variety of different moves each time you train.

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