We live in a society where size seems to matter. The size of your house, the size of your car and the size of your wallet! The problem is that this also applies to the size of your penis. This can be a sore subject for many males out there, and can often lead to failed relationships, embarrassment and poor communication in sexual relationships. The truth is having a small penis doesn’t have to spoil your sexual relationship with the special woman in your life. If you have a small penis, here’s how to compensate…

Ok, so the main thing is to not act like you have a small penis. A woman loves confidence; so be proud of your toolkit and use it well. Make no comments or reference to you having a small penis, ever. Act like you have the biggest penis in the world; be confident with it, and she won’t even notice the size if you are delivering the goods. The first step is confidence, nail that and you will be half way there!

Give yourself the best chance possible and impress her with some excellent foreplay first because it will be easier for her to climax once you start penetrating her. It’s better if you can make her climax at least once before getting into one of the following sexual positions which are most beneficial for men with small penises.

Go for the g-spot sex positions
Putting your girl first will put you at the forefront of sex and will ensure she never notices your small penis or feels like she is missing out in any way, shape, or form. The great news is that there are actually sex positions you can use which are more effective if you have a small penis.

These specific positions are often referred to as ‘g-spot sex positions’ because you’ll be thrusting into her at an upward angle to specifically hit her g-spot. These positions include doggie style, the V position, swivel and grind, and girl on top. It’s good for you and it’s good for her – everyone wins with these. These positions will give you some seriously intense orgasms if you know how to do them right and if you give some thought to the technique. These positions don’t often work well with men who have larger penises because they’ll often thrust too deep and hit her cervix, which is painful for a woman and very uncomfortable. The great news is that if you have a slightly smaller than average penis, you’re perfectly shaped to hit her g-spot (which is about two inches deep into her vagina).

Hopefully after reading the above, you no longer feel as though you are ‘without’. Having a small penis can open you up to a world of new positions and actually make you more open and more confident in the bedroom. You will become used to putting her first and will become a master in the bedroom.

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