If you are looking for easy and effective ab workouts then this article is just what you need in order to support all your possible queries. Successfully losing weight as we all know is one of the tough challenges that every overweight individual must face in order to achieve a healthier state in life. Since obesity greatly influence the occurrence of different types of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and different heart ailments. Based on studies and research, those individuals that are suffering from obesity greatly increased in number by 60% as compared to that actual count during the former years. This specific increase in the number of obese individuals has been considered as an alarming count. That is why; clinicians and fitness experts highly recommended lifestyle modification together with proper meal selection and efficient routine exercises. Ab workouts have been one of the most popular core exercises done by every celebrity and ordinary people all over the world.

Since, it is considered as one of the most significant exercises that greatly contribute to the overall outcome of the whole exercise routine. Some of the most effective abdominal workouts are the bicycle crunch exercise, the captain’s chair exercises, the ab crunches with exercise ball and the basic abdominal crunches. The bicycle crunches have been well known for its efficiency in shaping the rectus abdominis as well as the abdominal oblique, which are often difficult to shape using the traditional abdominal exercises. The bicycle crunch exercise can easily be done by lying flat on the floor with the aid of a proper gym mat then place the hands behind the head while supporting the neck using the fingers.

Then bring the knees to the chest while supporting the core and lifting the shoulder blades while supporting the head and neck. Next step is to rotate side by side stretching the oblique by pushing the right elbow against the left knee and vice versa. Repeatedly do the steps and alternate sides in pedaling motion for about 1 to 3 sets, a total of 12 to 16 cycles.

The bicycle crunch exercise has been rated as number one of the most efficient ab workouts since it targets the main abdominal areas as well as the waist and oblique. It is very significant that before performing every abdominal exercise, an individual must understand the importance of ensuring the optimal support not just for the head but also for the neck. Since the most commonly encountered dilemma after each abdominal exercise is neck pain that. Neck pains are due to improper execution of the exercise, which merely means that the individual did not apply proper support for both the neck and the head. Oftentimes, the means of lifting the shoulder blades up strains the neck. Since, by applying and putting all pressure against the neck and the head, the individual is not properly using the abdominal core for the exercise thus resulting into ineffective exercise routine that does not serve its true purpose of strengthening the abdominal core muscles.

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