Abs are probably the most coveted muscle to showcase on men and women alike. Why? Because abs are easy to show off and look incredible! The core is one of the largest muscle groups so it’s important to train it HARD. Predominantly abs are made in the kitchen so you need to eat as clean as you possibly can to reduce your body fat percentage to maximise ab visibility!

So you want abs fast? There are a number of exercises you can do for a total of 3 weeks to achieve maximum visibility so follow the below regime to make those abdominals POP!

Swiss ball arm roll-outs 

This has to be one of the most effective ab exercises on the planet. Simply rest your forearms shoulder width apart on a swiss ball whilst supporting your body weight with your tip toes (think plank position but on an incline.) Roll your arms out, hands palm down facing the floor until the arms are fully extended and hold for two seconds, feeling your abs squeezing, before returning to the start position.

Russian twists 

This one’s great for targeting your internal and external oblique’s (the part of your body that serves to “frame” your abs running a long side the ribs). All you need to do is sit down, perfectly upright whilst holding a weight plate in the hands, then lean back to a 45 degree angle with the upper body whilst raising the legs off the ground. After that, whilst balancing perfectly still, touch the weight down to the left of the body, followed by the right, twisting at the hips as you go.


Overused, arguably too obvious to mention – but it’s important that the plank position never gets pushed to the side in favour on ineffective exercises. It strengthens and tones up the entire front and back of the core muscle array and leads to a much stronger body overall. If you combine this with the fact that advancing your hold periods serve to tone the abdominal area up significantly, then you’ve got one powerful and effective combination of benefits on your hands!

Side dips 

This one’s fantastic for targeting the internal obliques and simply strengthening the core array in general. You simply need to lean sideways on resting on the forearms on a flat bench, suspending your body weight on the side of the foot (a side plank position.) Once this position has been adopted, you then need to bend at the hips, and dip them downwards towards the ground, thus engaging your internal oblique’s stretching the side closest to the ground. Once you have done this, return to the starting position and repeat!

These are all fabulous exercises for developing a well-rounded and aesthetically pleasing core that is also functionally strong and useful in every day life. Provided you’re eating a calorie-controlled diet, you’ll find that including these four activities will lead to a smoking six pack!

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