Bad habits rear their ugly head frequently and stop us from being the best version of ourselves. Often, these habits have been formed over years and are simply trigger responses to certain situations or frames of mind.

We can really feel the effects of our bad habits during those periods where we’re trying to focus on positive progression; these ugly aspects of our personalities can really hinder us on our route to success, and one of the main keys to saying goodbye to them lies in isolating where they start.

Check out this list of a few of the most effective ways to kick bad habits to the curb.


If you don’t know where your end result is, then you really have no reason to stop doing any of the things that are bad for you. You need to map out in your mind, and pin up some visual inspiration showcasing your personal end destination on your road to a healthier you. Nothing is going to give you the power to stop doing something bad for you more than focusing on something that would change your life for the better indefinitely.


Try to figure out where the bad habit kicks in, at what time, and exactly why. This will allow you to identify the source of the problem and as a result, you’ll find it much easier to fix it. With binge eating for example, it might be that your normal routine is to come home from work and raid the cupboards, in which case, you’ve got to ensure that the bad food types you turn to simply aren’t there when you get home to begin with! It might be nail biting due to stress, in which case you need to figure out what’s CAUSING the stress, and if you can, reduce it. Do you know what to do if you can’t reduce stress? Get rid of the cause of it. It doesn’t matter how emotionally attached you are to a situation, your health matters the most. You do have the power to abandon something that’s no good for you.


Tell others about your bad habits and ask them to help you with them! If you’ve got someone ‘spotting’ you then you’ll find that it doubles your chances of success. Every time you’re likely to engage in one of your bad habits, provided you have someone else on the lookout for you, you’ll not only realize yourself that you’re in a position of vulnerability, but they will too; as such, they won’t leave you to damage yourself and they’ll help to distract or pull you away from the problem.

These stages are incredibly effective steps to the abolition of bad habits and a much healthier, stress free and happier you. You should work on incorporating all three of these factors if you’re serious about getting rid of long standing negative influences as they will, combined, undoubtedly lead to total success in getting rid of them.

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