You have probably admired those who have a solid, firm handshake, which has even made you question the person’s motives. Don’t be fooled because the person who has such a solid handshake has probably grafted in the gym and trained their arms consistently to develop their bicep and triceps strength. This ultimately is the key to a super strong handshake – a super strong arm. To pack on some serious mass and strength onto your arms try incorporating these moves into your routine and maybe your handshake will be strong enough to crush a bone.


Bicep curls

If you want a bone-crushing handshake, then you need to be doing dumbbell curls. The dumbbell bicep curl is probably the signature move of a big strong arm and a popping bicep head. Besides improving arm strength, working out your biceps using dumbbell curls can offer you a number of positive effects. Some of the benefits you can achieve are increased strength in your workouts, better weight control and stronger, healthy bones.


Triceps kickback

Having strong biceps is a must but you also need tough triceps to really achieve that earth-shattering handshake. There are a number of moves to build the triceps but the triceps kickback is a particularly effective one. The dumbbell kick back move really isolates your triceps and sculpts the area so don’t neglect this small muscle group. Because the muscles in your arms are smaller they take less time to recover so you can train them every 24 hours.


The military press

The military press is an excellent compound move for enhancing your strength and shoulder size alike.  The military press as well as working your shoulders also targets the anterior delts, traps, and the triceps. Performing this move regularly will strengthen your handshake as the overall force behind it will be strengthened.


Lift heavy

Having a strong handshake is also about a solid grip. To build up your grip strength you need to be lifting nice and heavy, or as heavy as you possibly can when it comes to any isolation or compound move. By incorporating heavy deadlifts, pull-ups, and bodyweight rows to name but a few you can develop your entire arm, not just your grip.


Don’t forget to squeeze

Something that we often forget is to actively squeeze the bar tightly with your hands during a set. This active squeezing leads to greater grip activation allowing you to enjoy more gains in grip strength. Try to consciously avoid letting the bar or dumbbell slide towards your fingers during a set. Instead, keep it locked firmly in the palm of your hand and wrap your thumb around the bar to hold it in place.


Following the above practices will ensure your handshake is strong enough to break bones! A firm handshake isn’t just about confidence it’s about pure strength and a tough grip, both of which you can actively achieve from your workouts.


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