Looking for some secrets for a happy married life? Is “living happily ever after” a myth or a fairy tale? Can it be translated into reality? Well, it does take a lot of effort to make a marriage successful. If you can’t make your spouse happy, can you expect a happy married life? Perhaps a happy spouse means a happy house and of course, a happy marriage! It’s as simple as that. So you may want to do everything you can to bring happiness to your married life.
Change is the Law of Nature
Is there some space for compromises in marriage?
Well, a happy marriage is another name for compromises. But does that mean compromising with your own happiness for that of your spouse? Well, it is often minor changes in your attitude, approach, and actions that could make a big difference in your life as a married couple. You can change your marriage by changing yourself, without keeping too many expectations from your spouse. Having too many expectations is a recipe for dissatisfaction and disaster!
Successful couples resist holding grudges against each other and bringing up the past. To make your spouse happy, it is in your best interest to cultivate the attitude of respect and forget everything about the differences. Treat your spouse as a gift, rather than a possession that you want to gain control of.
Distribute Household Chores
If you could do one job to cut down your spouse’s burden, she will feel less bogged down and more relaxed and relieved. Your spouse may not notice your new hair cut, but she will always observe the chore which is off her never-ending to-do list. Imagine the amount of happiness and relief it could give her. Husbands should also learn to manage the home well, so the needs of your spouse are met and you know what exactly is happening within your house.
Know Your Spouse
Do not come home to be served alone; rather, focus on cultivating relationships. A happy marriage is more about understanding your partner. Do you take time to enrich your knowledge of your spouse? Remember, the best compliment you can receive from your spouse is that you know them so well.
Let your life partner know that you are keen to know her further, and not just interested in getting intimate in the bed. When a wife feels that her husband is interested in her and her kids, she feels appreciative and happy.
Remember Special Occasions
Women love to be pampered. One way of pampering them is to tell them you care by remembering special occasions. Think outside the box to remember important dates that mean a lot to her, and you have the right ingredients to impress her.
She will feel not only special, but also like the fact that you are thinking about her and what is important to her. Her happiness will know no bounds and she will not waste a minute to announce it to the world that you remembered that special occasion!
Making your spouse happy equals making your house happy. A happy spouse will in turn leave no stone unturned to make her better half happy. Make

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