We all know that junk food is terrible for a number of reasons, not least because of the destructive effect it has on the arteries, immune system and complexion – but some items are TRULY terrible beyond the point of belief. Here we list the food that you should never, under any circumstances (ok, in severe moderation – we’re all human) consume unless your life depends on it!


Typically, any baked goods are going to be calorie heavy – but donuts in particular really do go pretty far on that front…

The trans fats they contain are useless to the human body and therefore can’t get put towards anything remotely positive – as a result you’ll find the calories contained within these delectable treats often sit on the waist line and also produce free radicals that can lead to all kinds of horrible diseases manifesting. This goes for the preservatives they contain too – they also convert into negatively impacting toxins within the body that just aren’t good for any aspect of your health.


Sure, technically it IS a liquid so you can’t really class it as a food type, but it definitely is pretty junk for your insides.

This one is going to lead to heightened emotions – just about everyone loves beer, but before you carelessly consume your next pint, it’s important that you read the next few sentences. Beer actually inhibits fat burning and testosterone production by up to 50%, not only that, but the average pint contains as many calories as a small meal. If you have a few, it’s not TOO big a deal, but most people don’t stop at a few…

Crisps / chips 

Anything fried with vegetable oil is generally pretty appalling news, but it isn’t out of some misguided prejudice…it’s cause the stuff is, well, terrible. When you boil vegetable fat, it turns rancid and its molecular structure alters so much that it changes into a form that is only one molecule away from being plastic. Now imagine yourself consuming a tub of lego bricks. Seem like a good idea? Didn’t think so…that’s why you need to stay well, well away.

It’s important to note too that fried crisps and chips are often of the fast acting carbohydrate variety meaning that they digest in your system at an accelerated rate, meaning you store the excess calories you cant immediately use as fat. That’s not good…

Fast food burgers 

Ok, so here we have a plethora of problems ranging from useless trans fats to fast acting carbs that are going to pack the pounds on your waste line in no time. You could almost view them as a cocktail of bad health, it doesn’t even stop at the processed bread and saturated fat laden burger – you’ve also got the sugary sauce and non specific origin of the meat you’re eating which could carry its own potential issues if it hasn’t been handled and processed properly. Avoid.

These are without doubt amongst the worst fast food choices you can make when eating out or in – avoid them at all costs or consume in severe moderation only. If you want to make a meal out or takeaway healthier, simply go with grilled meats and salad options as they have usually been tampered with the least and tend to contain less of the fat gaining elements you’ll find in the likes of the items listed above.


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