So you might be faced with an important event such as a holiday looming, a wedding, birthday party or any other celebration, but the fact is the challenge you have is needing to lose weight in two weeks. Two weeks isn’t long but still, a lot can still be done in two weeks to significantly change your appearance and waistline.

It isn’t going to be easy but when time is of the essence you have to pull out all the stops so follow the below points for 2 weeks only to shed some serious body fat. GO!

Before breakfast – Cardio to melt fat

Love it or hate it cardio sheds body fat fast. Ideally as a maximum you will need to begin your day by performing 30mins – 60mins fasted cardio. This means exercise without any food. Of course drink plenty of water and stay hydrated but make sure you eat only after your cardio is done. If you have the energy perform 15 mins of HIIT cardio on an evening as an additional boost.

For breakfast…

Let’s maximise the calorie-burning mode your body is now in because of your fasted cardio. The ideal breakfast would be a low carb/high protein one. Ideally you will enjoy a protein shake with water, a bowl of fresh grapefruit and a cup of green tea. Grapefruit will give you a spike in insulin as well as helping you burn more calories and the green tea will provide you with antioxidants as well as helping cut body fat.

Choose the good carbs

Wave goodbye to those stodgy carbs such as white bread, chips, crisps and potatoes. When you have carbohydrates with your meals opt for the more nutritious, lower calorie and slower digesting ones such as sweet potatoes, wholegrain rice and oats – these are all excellent examples as they will keep you fuller for longer and your body full of nutrients.

Retire from drinking anything alcoholic

Alcohol is not only highly calorific and high in sugar potentially running a week of hard work with 1 bottle of wine; it’s also very catabolic. This means that it can actually stop you from burning calories. Alcohol consumption directly affects lipid oxidation meaning it stops that important fat burning process. Stay well away for 2 weeks.

Drink plenty of water

Make sure you stay well hydrated for the whole two weeks never missing a glass of water out of your 8 a day. Drinking enough water and keeping your body well hydrated actually helps you lose weight because every chemical reaction in the human body requires water, and your metabolism it self is a complex series of chemical reactions. As such, no water means no weight loss, because your metabolic rate will never increase without it, therefore no fat will be burnt!

There you have it, you only have two weeks so give it all you’ve got! A few small changes and some effective cardio is all you need to shed that stubborn body fat.



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