As men age, it is common to experience difficulties from time to time in the bedroom. Age-related sexual dysfunction can be caused by several different factors, many of which can be easily altered simply by supplementing necessary vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to your diet. For men who don’t yet have any problems, these same changes can enhance your sex life by increasing your drive, stamina, endurance, and even the size and strength of your erection! And who doesn’t want to make their sex life better?
One of the key factors in getting, and maintaining an erection is blood flow. By keeping your heart healthy, you keep your circulation healthy, and are less likely to experience problems with Erectile Dysfunction. Foods like bananas, pomegranates, oranges, and jacket potatoes (the mineral is in the skin, not the potato itself) are all proven to increase blood flow and circulation, as well as other foods high in potassium.
Foods with heart-healthy benefits can be a huge help to your sex life, as well. Aside from increasing circulation, foods like cherries can prevent the arteries from forming plaque, cutting down the risk of heart attack, but also providing for direct blood flow south of the border. A glass of wine a day can help those artery walls to relax, and allow blood to pass through freely and efficiently, making it even easier for you to become aroused, and maintain a strong erection.
Spinach can even act as a natural form of Viagra by increasing the blood flow down below, making sex more pleasurable. Spinach is also a Magnesium rich food that decreases inflammation in the blood vessels, which will aid in healthy circulation to all your vessels, including the ones needed for an erection.
Your arteries need a little care and attention, too, and just a few teaspoons of Ginger a week can, not only improve artery health and aiding in blood flow, but also boosts testosterone levels that often deplete as men age.
Coldwater fish, like Sardines, Tuna, and Salmon are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that also aid in good heart health. These acids help raise dopamine levels (a hormone produced naturally in the body) that help you to feel more relaxed, and better connected to your partner, in addition to improving circulation, blood flow, and triggering arousal.
Zinc and Magnesium are essential minerals that boost testosterone levels and growth factor hormones. Taking nightly supplements can increase your T-levels by as much as 30% in just eight weeks. Pumpkin seeds are packed with these minerals. In addition, foods with Capsaicin, like chili peppers and hot sauces, have preliminary studies showing that along with the increase in testosterone levels, Capsaicin can be related to an increase in the size of the erection you can achieve.
Taking care of your body, means providing proper maintenance as well as treating any problems you may see. A better sex life comes with a healthy body. Lowering your cholesterol levels, increasing your intake of certain vitamins and minerals, and eating foods with heart benefits can all result in longer, stronger, and more pleasurable sex!

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