If you are an avid gym goer, you are probably sick and tired of hearing the same old myths in regards to muscle building. Everyone has his or her own theories about what works for them and what doesn’t. Some believe in using certain supplements while others don’t bother ever with them. The important thing to do is to clear up the crazy myths about muscle gain so you can carry on your path to success, here goes…

1. “Skip rest days and train every day to build muscle”
No, no, NO! This is one of the more dangerous myths ever. Training every day will over train your muscles. Consequently, you will be helping to diminish your muscles instead of building them up. You must take rest days for your muscles to repair themselves and grow back stronger. If you are constantly tearing your muscle fibres, they won’t have any time to grow and you’ll start to lose muscle.

2. “I can’t gain muscles unless I take steroids”
This is also a huge misconception and myth when it comes to muscle building. Those who claim they can’t grow muscle unless they take steroids are lying or simply don’t know how to follow a proper muscle building and nutrition plan. If you train right and fuel your muscles with enough protein, you will build muscle. Growth is a slow and steady process and won’t happen overnight. However, with the right plan, your muscles will grow.

3. “Eat more protein eaten after a workout to get better muscle growth”
It is true that consuming good quality protein after a strength training session can enhance muscle growth; however, there does not seem to be a correlation between the amount of protein and the amount of muscle gained. So, eating more than the recommended amount won’t necessarily enhance your gains. Following your plan, consuming about 20g of protein in the three-hour period after a workout, and in taking adequate protein at regular intervals throughout the day seems to be the most effective.

4. “Carbohydrates aren’t always an essential fuel for your muscles.”
Adequate carbohydrate is 100% necessary to increase the ability of the muscles to perform strength and resistance exercises by providing the energy the muscles need. Consequently, carbohydrates can potentially contribute to more effective training sessions and increased muscle growth. Without enough carbohydrates, your muscles can begin to use up the protein stored in your body, and you really don’t want that happening.

With so much information available on the internet, it is natural that some of it has even been disproved through research. Small amounts of high quality protein throughout the day is beneficial for muscle growth so your body is getting a steady and constant supply of this vital dietary component. You can use supplements to help with your gains, but none of them are guaranteed to work 100%. So, you will just have to monitor your intake. It is also imperative that you stay well hydrated to enhance your workout potential.

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