We are all too familiar with the time old saying ‘saving room for dessert’, but is it actually possible to save room for dessert? The answer is YES! Baring in mind desert is once a day after the evening meal, with a few alterations in your diet plan during the day you can enjoy a desert as you wish without feeling too guilty.

Your brains pleasure centres override those feelings of being full hence why you always have room for dessert, but if you strategically plan ahead you can actually have room for a cheeky dessert should you wish and here’s how…



Be strategic with your carbohydrates


Choosing stodgy carbs like chips, crisps and white bread are a sure fire way to make you feel and look a bit bloated! Why not be smart with your choices, for your lunch or evening meal try swapping your pasta from your typical spaghetti bolognese to courgette spaghetti for a low carb, tasty treat to save some precious room for dessert. Go for wholemeal, grains and sweet potatoes for healthier, low calorie choices.


Curb your sweet tooth


If you are someone that likes to snack on sweets and chocolate throughout the day you’re ruining your ability to save room for your night time dessert. Make strategic swaps to your snacks and replace the naughty snacks with healthy snacks such as nuts, seeds and some natural dried fruit and you’ll appreciate your dessert a lot more, it will even taste better!


Keep busy


When we are bored, we seek a quick fix of pleasure, which is why we are prone to snacking on sugary treats. Keeping busy during the day especially at times when you are bored will keep your wondering hands away from the bad treats! If you haven’t been scoffing on chocolates and goodies all day long and have kept your mind active you will definitely have been saving room for desert.



The all-important meal before the desert


This is often the deciding factor when it comes to saving room for desert. You must be careful and kind to your body with the meal before your chosen desert. It’s no good going for a super-rich meal such as creamy pasta or pure stodge such as steak and chips as these meals will make you feel full and heavy but lay heavy on your stomach and take a while to digest too. Opt for a lighter meal such as a salad with a side dish or some tapas. The lighter the better, save those calories for a little bit of indulgence.


It can be done. Depending upon your goals, if you are trying to lose weight or if your shredding for a holiday and are still wanting to save room for a desert the best way you can do it is to shave off the calories from somewhere else. It’s not something you should do regularly only really on cheat days.


Go on and enjoy your dessert!

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Betsy Smith

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