Post workout meals are easily one of the most important aspects of your training, as without them, you’re not going to lock in your progress, secure your gains, or evolve your body.

It’s incredible how much of a difference nutrition makes to your training, in fact, your training would simply mount to nothing without it, and at no time in the day other than breakfast could the right nutrition choice be more important than within the hour long window after training.

It’s at this time that your body is crying out for vital nutrients after a challenging workout, and studies suggest that if you leave it too long you’ll start to eat into your own muscle stores for energy and sustenance. This obviously goes against every principle of performing resistance training in the first place, so it’s important that you have an easy to follow blue print for success in the crucial 60 minutes following your training session.

Check these out.

Basmati rice, broccoli and chicken

You want to be having roughly a 3/1 carb to protein ratio here, so for instance, if you have 30 grams of protein, you’ll need 90 grams of carbohydrates from the basmati rice. Broccoli is one of the best veggie choices you can consume post workout due to its anti oxidant properties and high number of B vitamins not to mention other important minerals. Basmati rice is digested at a sustained rate in the body, meaning no excess fat storage, and chicken is a lean, complete protein source meaning you’ll have everything you need to grow.

Steak, spinach and sweet potato

This meal contains an awesome arsenal of muscle building ingredients. First we have the steak, containing a natural abundance of iron, B vitamins and creatine, and then thrown into the mix is sweet potato with its slow digestion rate within the gut and a plethora of vitamins and minerals as well as fibre to boot. We’ve added spinach for extra fibre, B vitamins and iron too. What a combo.

Oats and whey

This one isn’t just for break fast; it’s a good choice any time of the day, especially post workout with a teaspoon of peanut butter added. Whey powder will head directly to the muscles and help to immediately start the recovery process. Oats are a great slow burning carbohydrate source that will replenish the depleted muscles after a tough workout, and the peanut butter contains healthy fat, essential for growth hormone release and an effective immune system.

These three options are amongst some of the absolute best meals you can have after training if you want to lock in your hard work and reap the full benefit; there are of course many, many others.

As a rule of thumb, stick with the 3/1 carb to protein ratio we mentioned earlier, and include a little healthy fat too and you’ll have the perfect muscle building combination. Nutrition isn’t as complicated as it seems, it’s just a game of discipline, and you’ll need to ensure you have one of these meals within the 60-minute window after training without fail.

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