Toned arms and perfectly sculpted triceps is something that most men desire. Strong toned arms are made in the gym and in the kitchen. If you are embarking upon a mission to tone your triceps it’s also important to ensure you’re eating and nutrition is on point. One won’t work without the other so lets get you started on your mission to toned triceps!

Get cooking
Firstly, to get toned arms, especially toned triceps you have to nail your nutrition. There’s no point training them hard if you aren’t filling them with the correct stuff to grow. You will need to eat 5-6 small protein based meals a day. This will ensure your repairing muscle fibers are constantly filled with protein to grow back bigger and stronger. Make sure you have some good quality protein powders too. A good whey powder for pre and post workout shakes and a good quality casein shake for you’re before-bed meal. The casein will give your muscles a slow, tapered release of protein while you sleep.

Hit the gym HARD
Developing and toning your triceps take a lot of time and patience. You can train your triceps with isolation moves every other day, more frequently than other muscle groups. This is because they are a small muscle group with a faster healing time of only 24 hours. Examples of gym based triceps exercises include:

• Triceps pushdown with rope
• Close grip bench press
• Overhead triceps extension
• Straight bar pushdown
• Reverse grip barbell curl
• Triceps dip
• Skull crushers

Each time you train your triceps choose 3 exercises and perform 3 sets of 10-12 reps.

Get your form correct
Remember to get your form 100% correct. If you don’t get your form correct then the movement you are doing wont engage the triceps enough to stimulate growth. When performing triceps exercises, the less you move your elbow back and forth, the more you are engaging your triceps specifically. Never swing your weights or engage your back to move the weight as you wont be engaging the triceps properly. Maintaining proper posture is a must. To maintain the correct posture, contract your abs and keep your chest up and pushed out. You will probably find that your abs feel as if they have had a tough workout during triceps exercises. This is a good thing because it means you have the correct posture. Not adopting the correct form can cause injuries and if you end up with sore elbows have a break from doing the triceps exercises.

When it comes to toning your triceps or any other muscle for that matter, the key is consistency! Keep up your eating and regular training and you will soon start to notice smaller changes and then eventually the bigger changes. Make sure you try the different triceps exercises out there to experience a full range of movement and to really engage all heads of the triceps, keep treating your body to new moves and new rep ranges as this is the key to growth.

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