There may be a number of reasons why you could benefit from a self-massage. You may have had a long walk and require a bit of relief on your feet or you may feel as though you have a tension headache from a hard day and need a good massage. But the catch is that you are on your own. There’s no one to help you so you need to take matters into your own hands, here’s how…

A foam roller
One of the best things you can do for a self massage is invest in a foam roller, lacrosse ball or a self-massage stick and you’ll be pleased to know all these things are nice and cheap. Using any one of these devices can help to release trigger points, alleviate muscular pain, and get your body moving the way it was meant to helping you to recover quicker from a workout. You can use your foam roller to massage and stretch out your upper body and lower body alike.

A small tennis ball for your feet
Aching feet? This little massage trick will ease those tired feet! Whether you have been taking part in a sporting endurance event or you suffer from aching feet due to standing on them all day this easy massage trick will ease the pain away. All you need is a small tennis ball on the floor, apply pressure to it by standing on it with one foot and move your foot back and fourth over it. This will ease tension and help to loosen the tissues in the foot.

Massage balls for a tension headache
If you need to relieve tension in your neck and at the base of your head often caused by a poor posture, or slumping at a desk, massage balls or again some tennis balls will help to eliminate this tension. It’s pretty easy to perform, all you need to do is lie on your back with your legs bent, hold your massage balls in each hand between your thumb and forefinger rest your hands behind your head so the balls are on either side of the base of your skull. Alternate between rotating your head from side to side, then tucking and lifting your chin.

Relieve sore knees
If your day job involves sitting down for long periods of time then you will benefit from this knee movement. It’s extremely easy to do and you can actually do it while sitting down at home or in your office chair. So how do you do it?
Sitting down with your back straight, unbend your leg and let it rest so your quads are relaxed. Press firmly into where it hurts with a fingertip or a knuckle and massage in a star shape for 10 seconds. This will help relieve the connective tissues. Bend and straighten the knee several times after each massage.

All of the above massage techniques are nice and easy and will mean you can relieve pain and eliminate tension easily yourself without having to rely on anyone else.

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