So you would like to increase your stamina during sex, maybe you want to impress your girlfriend for longer, experiment more or burn more calories between the sheets with a longer, romantic workout? The good news, its possible.

Sex isn’t something that can be separated from the rest of life, and how good your stamina is, is often a result of a combined number of life choices. There are a few things you can do in and out of the bedroom to increase your stamina in the boudoir so without further ado, lets get to work…

De-stress for better performance

Firstly its mind over matter, if your head isn’t right your body wont be. Stress can actually be a huge factor when it comes to stamina. Being stressed can affect every area of your life especially your performance between the sheets. Learn to de-stress during your day be it going for a run, enjoying a gym session to let off steam or meditating to re-align your thoughts.


Getting in some aerobic activity can release endorphins into your brain and make you feel great. It also gets the blood pumping round your body filling you with energy and life! Don’t be a couch potato, get out and get moving you will feel ready to take on the world. Leave your worries in the gym or outside on your morning cardio and feel refreshed and energised for a night of long lasting passion.


Have you got enough protein in your diet? If not it’s easy to incorporate it using a protein powder. Protein provides your body with amino acids, essentially the building blocks of your muscles. Protein builds up your muscles making them stronger and able to withstand more hammer. Having a better built body will ensure your stamina in the bedroom is increased as you will have more strength and power to go for longer – it’s science. 

3 carbohydrates for longer lasting energy

If the carbs you eat throughout the day are fast release ones, such as white potato, it will spike your energy temporarily but will then soon diminish. Ensuring you eat slow release carbohydrates, such as sweet potatoes, porridge and Quinoa, will allow your body to have a sustained release of energy leaving you with more stamina for when you need it most!


This might go without saying but it shouldn’t be forgotten for essentially being so obvious! Taking caffeine before the gym, run or any other athletic performance is known to increase your stamina and can also help you recover faster meaning you go for another round. Using a caffeine drink or supplement before your planned night of romance can increase your stamina no end!

Have you been neglecting your diet? Getting this right and getting your nutrition on point is probably the main factor when it comes to increasing your stamina during sexual activity. Every man wants to be a better lover, so take care of number one first.

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