When it comes to training, everyone wants to be shredded and sport that ripped physique. In order to gain some serious muscle mass, you have to be prepared to say good-bye to the abs and muscle definition for a while. In order to slam on some serious mass you need to ensure you are eating a calorie excess because you can’t grow excess muscle without consuming excess calories to sustain it.

So you want to pack on some excess to reap the rewards of you winter gains? Follow the tips below to get started on your road to Gainesville.

Choose your protein wisely
When you are in bulking season you don’t need to have a whey isolate or a seriously low, pure, calorie free protein. Your best bet is to opt for a specific mass gainer as this blend will have been specially formulated to help you consume excess calories and achieve extra muscle mass. There are plentiful brands, which offer specific mass gainer blends. Be sure to consume them as part of your structured food plan because mass gainer shakes can be extremely calorific.

Eat the correct amount of protein
Ensure that you are consuming all the protein your body requires. If you don’t have a personal trainer or a coach to tailor a food plan around your bulking season then you can take matters into your own hands by using specific online calculators to work out how many calories you should be consuming to effectively bulk without going too far. A great resource to use for this is free dieting. Always ensure your protein is coming from lean sources to avoid an excess of saturated fats.

Keep it clean
The biggest mistake people make when it comes to bulking is that they think it’s ok to cram in as many calories as they want, from all sources! Bulking should not involve cramming in as much pizza, chips and ice cream as you can because ultimately these foods will do nothing but make you fat and unhealthy and when it comes to cutting season all this will have to come off in a lengthily and gruelling diet.

Lift hard and heavy
Because you don’t have to focus on restricting your calories you can enjoy lifting harder and heavier because you will have the energy and glycogen stores to fuel effective workouts. Aim for heavy sets and reps over high volume and try adding some different training methods into the mix such as German volume training to shock the muscles into growth. Go for the heavy lifts in your off season because this will stimulate muscle growth the most and help you build some seriously thick and good quality muscle tissue.

Make your bulking season effective and make it work for you. Take advantage of your excess food and energy and enjoy it while it lasts. Bulking season is improvement season so use it wisely.

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