When it comes to training, fitness, athletics and bodybuilding there are a few staple supplements, which should be part of your daily regime, if not then you should probably consider incorporating them. L-arginine HCL is a supplement you will find in the sup stack of most keen gym lovers, bodybuilders and athletes but why?


Protein is made up from amino acids, and amino acids are the building blocks of our muscles allowing them to repair after a good workout and rebuild stronger. L-arginine hydrochloride or for short (l-arginine HCL) is often referred to a semi-essential amino acid but it still boasts as array of impressive benefits and has a vital place in any gym/sports supplementation program.


The highly versatile, L-arginine HCL has properties, which relax your blood vessels and as a result helps your body transport oxygen and nutrients around the body and to your muscles faster and more efficiently. This important factor makes L-arginine HCL a pretty kickass supplement for both during training and after, or as many like to call it the recovery period where the important growth of the muscles happens.


L-arginine HCL is not only great for muscle growth and repair, it has also been proven to assist in controlling and lowering blood pressure and hypertension. It can also aid in supporting a healthy immune system, which also ensures your body, can repair itself more efficiently after vigorous exercise. See why it’s a pretty imperative supplement now? Well that’s not all…


Extra benefits


When you thought it couldn’t get any better… Another reason why bodybuilders and gym goers alike choose it as a main supplement to take when training is that L-arginine is also capable of stimulating the release of growth hormone, insulin, and other substances in the body all of which help towards developing that muscle mass you so desire! Moreover some people also choose to incorporate L-arginine into their diets for:

  • Preventing the common cold
  • Improving kidney function, especially after a kidney transplant
  • To help lower high blood pressure during pregnancy
  • Improving sporting performance
  • Enhancing the immune system


How to take L-arginine HCL and the dosage


So you are taking the plunge and you are going to incorporate

L-arginine HCL into your diet.  To maximise your gains simply mix 3g (it usually comes in powder form) with roughly around 50ml of water or non-acidic juice and drink this twice a day times daily or as needed. You can also add it to your pre or post workout shake as this is what many people choose to do, you wont even realise its there!


Incorporating L-arginine HCL into your diet has numerous benefits, not only for the active male but for most people, especially those whom would like to combat a specific issue. To maximize muscular gain, improve immune function and to enjoy better recovery after a workout or training, L-arginine HCL is the supplement you simply should not be without, enhance your training now with L-arginine HCL.

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