When it comes to training, health, nutrition and fitness getting enough protein is imperative. Not only is it a building block for most bodily functions its what your body needs to repair and grow back bigger and stronger – making it the staple part of any training regime where the aim is to build mass or strength.

Which foods and protein supplements contain the most protein? Below are a few options you can enjoy getting into your diet to increase your daily protein intake. 

Oats and whey

Oats and whey is one of the greatest meals you can eat for breakfast or in fact any other meal of the day. Totally customisable to your taste this meal packs a hard punch! Make your oats as you would normally with milk or water and when they are ready add in a scoop of your favourite protein powder, be it chocolate, peanut butter, strawberry or cookies and cream! A scoop of protein contains anything from 16-25g of protein meaning there’s some serious gains in your bowl of oats and whey to! Low fat and healthy carbs this is one of the best meals you can consume if you are an avid fitness enthusiast! 

Protein shake

Protein shakes come in a number of different varieties but some contain more protein than others, but all make for a great meal replacement with an abundance of potent protein! Whey isolate is the purest form you can get making it great for cutting or dieting and usually contains about 25g of protein. Casein protein is milk derived and is a slow release protein making it the ideal meal before bed to supply your growing muscles with a steady supply of protein. 

Winner, Winner chicken dinner

Chicken and rice, another favourite of the fitness pros for good reason! Chicken packs a hard punch when it comes to protein and when it’s grilled is an extremely clean and lean protein source! A chicken fillet of roughly 3 oz. contains about 24g of protein. Chicken also contains tryptophan and Vitamin B5, which are great for reducing stress and helping to take care of your immune system. Chicken also helps boost testosterone levels.


Who doesn’t love a gorgeous bit of grilled salmon? As well as being full to the brim of healthy omega 3 for a healthy heart and healthy fats that your body adores, salmon is also full to the brim of powerful protein making it perfect for your muscle-building journey. A salmon fillet or a sockeye fillet contains about 23g of protein making it the ideal meal to slot into your training regime.

Getting enough and the right protein sources is essential for your health and your fitness goals. Always opt for the best quality protein that you can afford and cook it in healthy ways such as grilling and shallow frying. Use healthy cooking additions such as olive oil, low calorie spray and go for dry herbs for flavour instead of thick, often sugary sauces to keep it clean.

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