When it comes to your weekly food shopping, you may find yourself asking ‘which is better, fresh or frozen?’ It’s a tough one to call because many people swear by fresh vegetables and fruits only, while others simply can’t purchase fresh and opt for frozen because it suits their lifestyles more. Is there really a better choice? There are benefits and drawbacks to both so let’s determine which choice is a better choice for you…

Frozen lasts longer
The huge benefit of frozen vegetables and foods is that they last a lot longer. Buying fresh food is great and you can cook meals from fresh and flavors are rich and colors are bright. Vitamins and minerals are retained in all their glory with fresh food, and arguably the same can be said about frozen foods. If you have a busy life and schedule, it’s all too easy to forget about the lovely fresh apples and broccoli in your fridge. When you do remember it’s too late and they have already gone moldy! By purchasing frozen, you will never have this problem.

Frozen isn’t the greatest choice for cooking
The more processing food requires, the more risk of additives and additional chemicals. Frozen foods can often lack flavor and become a little watery which means the quality of the texture also suffers. Frozen veg can also be tough to cook with compared to fresh veg, especially if you are making a recipe from scratch you may find that you haven’t accounted for all the excess water you end up with.

The nutritional debate
There has been a long debate over whether frozen foods have a lower nutritional value then fresh but is this true? The nutritional content of frozen vs. fresh is pretty much the same. The freezing process they undergo can have an effect on the vitamin content. If vegetables are frozen immediately after they are harvested or picked they are more likely to retain all of their nutritional content. If they aren’t frozen immediately they can lose moisture and their natural sugars and starches can begin to denature. Usually it indicates on the packet when the vegetables were frozen.

Fresh fruit and veg isn’t as fresh as you may think
Another argument for choosing frozen food carefully is that the fresh food you purchase isn’t necessarily fresh. The fruit and veg are often harvested before they are fully ripened. Also it can sometimes take days and days for the fruit and veg to be transported to the store you purchase from meaning shortly after buying them they may go off.

When purchasing frozen vegetables, in order to get the same nutritional benefits of fresh vegetables then ensure you chose a pack, which states that they were frozen immediately after harvest to retain freshness. Frozen lasts longer and suits a busy lifestyle whereas fresh veg can taste better when cooked so there are benefits to both.

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