Do you feel as though your cooking skills could be improved? Cooking doesn’t have to always be something that you consider only other people to be good at! Cooking can become an activity which you enjoy, and one which you can seriously impress people with. If you feel as though you aren’t a very good cook or you are just starting out, then you can benefit from the tips below on how to become a better cook.


Know what you like

The first step to enjoying and becoming a better cook should be to cook with what your passionate about. What foods do you love? Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you more of a savoury person? Maybe you love meats or you are a dedicated vegetarian? Find your interests and start by cooking and looking for recipes that interest and stimulate your taste buds!


Take care of your knives

Having good quality and sharp knives/tools when cooking and preparing food is everything. Your time in the kitchen will be easier and your motivation will increase because dicing those vegetables efficiently is easier. Don’t clean your knives in the dishwasher, hand wash them with care immediately after use to avoid corrosion. Store your knives in a block.


Use herbs and spices

If herbs and spices are completely new to you, then there are plenty of books available on combinations. There are so many seasoning combinations out there other than salt and pepper, which can transform your meals! Invest in a spice wrack and stock it full of every herb and spice you can get your hands on. Herbs and spices will transform your meals for the better.


Always taste as you go

Never make the mistake of forgetting to taste your food as you go along! If you don’t, how will you know what your cooking is any good? Flavours change and develop as you cook. For example, your meat may get saltier as moisture evaporates, or the dish may lose flavour and acid the longer it cooks. It’s important to taste as you go so you’ll know if you need more of any ingredients, or less!


Don’t improvise until you’re an expert

A main problem many not-so-experienced cooks give themselves is not reading the recipes. The key here is to NOT improvise. Just don’t do it. Get a recipe and follow it to the letter. Understanding recipes and why they work is a key fundamental to becoming a better cook. The ratio of ingredients is very important to making a dish work.


The above 5 ways are simple and basic tips in which you can make your cooking life a much more rewardable and successful experience. Even if you consider yourself a pretty bad cook, just by incorporating the above steps into your routine will improve your cooking in an instant! Get the recipe book out and start cooking! Practice makes perfect.

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