Food; one of life’s simplest and most enjoyable pleasures! Some people say they aren’t “too bothered” about it, and that they can happily forsake taste if it means achieving their body and fitness related goals. This is an amicable mind set to have, but we’re willing to bet these individuals simply haven’t had a good enough pizza or donut to understand just how good food truly CAN be. Either that, or they’re cyborgs; what’s important is that the vast majority of people DO love food in its many forms, and as a result, that makes dieting and healthy eating in general incredibly difficult.

In order to combat our human urges, it’s sensible to ensure that we don’t entirely rob ourselves completely of having a little of the stuff we love from time to time; this may seem counter intuitive if you’re trying to be as clean as humanly possible, but sometimes you need to have bad things in moderation to ensure that you continue to consume the good things. Here’s how…

Calorie totals

This should be the very first stop for any would be healthy eater, if you don’t know how many calories you need to consume daily to achieve a set goal, then you aren’t going to get there. This is important for both weight loss and muscle gain in equal measure. What this also allows you to do is factor in where you can slot some of the things you do like as opposed to being perfect all the time! Create a gap in your calories to allow for the treats you crave, and provided you don’t exceed the count, you’re fine.

Cheat day

No, not THAT kind of cheating! If you allocate one day per week to having the foods you desire the most, rather than trying to go completely cold turkey, then you’ll find that your head will thank you for it massively; this will give you something to look forward to, focus on and carry you through the tough week of strict eating.


This is another really easy way to stay on track; picture your healthy eating efforts like a giant pie (well, it makes sense under the circumstances right?) and 8 out of the 10 slices of that pie represent really healthy, lean food. The other two slices on the other hand represent total nutritional debauchery! But this is ok. If you apply yourself to your overriding goal as strictly as possible 80% of the time, and the other 20% allow yourself leniency, then you’ll find that you’ll hit your targets in no time.

These simple steps will ensure your success regardless of what it is you’re striving towards. In terms of difficulty, they’re all actually very easy and controllable methods that pretty much anybody can do in order to achieve their goals too. Beginner, advanced or intermediate; you’ll make your life much easier by adhering yourself to these principles. Good luck and happy training!

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