Prostate cancer is a big risk amongst males, especially in the over 60-age range. It’s seen a great deal of press over the last few years as we discover more about the nature of the disease and how to help prevent it.

Whilst you’ll never truly be able to totally eradicate the possibility of contracting any disease, it’s absolutely true that you can take certain counter measures to help safe guard as best you can against getting them, and hopefully avoid them all together. It’s theorized that 7% of men over the age of 60 will contract prostate cancer, and this percentage would be much lower if certain dietary principles were adhered to.

Read on to find out some of the most effective ways to safeguard against this serious threat.


Anything rich in lycopene is a good thing for the body due to it being a natural antioxidant, as such; free radicals are removed from the body along with harmful toxins. It’s been suggested that free radicals are very likely one of the main causes of not only cancer development (including prostate cancer) but also many other diseases that can be contracted by the human body. Anything red and vibrant in colour is likely to contain high levels of lycopene, including red pepper, tomatoes and cherries. Include them in your diet to better your chances!

Super greens

Whilst we’re on the subject of antioxidants, there’s nothing higher in anti-oxidant levels than green and leafy vegetables. Honestly, you’d be gob smacked at the sheer number of vitamins and minerals they contain, as well as the immensely high antioxidant count they release into the human body. These natural miracles are without doubt one of the best guaranteed ways to reduce your risk of any form of cancer including prostate, and lead to a healthy and vibrant internal machine that’s well-oiled and ready to take on any illness that’s thrown against it!

Healthy fats

Saturated fats aren’t particularly good for you, but it’s also been proven that they can increase the risk of contracting all manner of nasty diseases, including cancer. However, if you’re to source your fat from plant sources and fish, you’ll have the opposite effect on your body and you’ll actually stand a much better chance of fighting off these nasty invaders due to the positive effect omega 3 and 6 fats have on your immune system. Not to mention salmon and avocado are amongst the healthiest and tastiest ways to get this fat type in; you can have the best of both worlds with great taste and huge health benefit!

These simple changes will not only vastly improve your internal and external state of health, they’ll also make you a walking fortress against disease and illness. Nothing is guaranteed, so it can’t be said that you’ll never get anything by consuming these options, but you’ll stand a damn good chance. Anything that boosts your body’s natural defences and is natural is always worth having!


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