What are the best supplements to use?

The supplement industry can be a very confusing one! There are so many different brands and so many different supplements so it all becomes very confusing where to even start!
It doesn’t matter what sport you are training for, be it track and field, swimming, football or even bodybuilding you can benefit from the same supplements. When choosing supplements it’s important to consider you need to enhance your performance, speed up your recover and generally give your body the energy it needs to push you through your session. So where should you start?

Pre & post workout muscle protection
Protein powder is the supplement no one should ever be without! When you train in sport or in the gym, your muscle fibers undergo a lot of stress and tear. Protein is required to heal and fill these microscopic tears so they can grow back bigger and stronger. Ensure you consume protein before and after your workouts in order to preserve and enhance your muscular gains.

Intra-workout muscle fuel
Branch chain amino acids are a great supplement to use with any activity. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. When you are pushing your body through activity, your muscle fibers are put under great strain so giving them what they need when they are working will help you greatly. Amino acids can help to delay post workout muscle soreness and help prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue, while speeding up recovery.

For increased strength and stamina
Creatine, in a nutshell helps convert and deliver more energy to your cells. This allows you to push out that extra rep or keep going for a little bit longer. Creatine can come in tablet form or powder form and it’s recommended you take it before and after your workout to help with performance and then to refuel your cells. With your cells having more energy, you can train harder and more often, producing faster results.


For that extra kick
You might have forgotten about caffeine but this is also a highly beneficial supplement to use. Caffeine can stimulate your body and mind and also helps you to burn body fat as opposed to stored glycogen for energy! Using caffeine can help to give you extra energy and more explosive power during your workouts – which is very beneficial if you are feeling a bit lethargic!

Using the above 4 supplements will give you a great starting supplement regime. Each of them will help your body in a specific way to help enhance your performance and assist your post workout recovery. They have you covered from all angles including pre workout, post workout and intra workout.

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