The world of supplements is a pretty large one so it can be a little baffling sometimes deciding what it is you need before, during and after a workout. If you understand how your body works and some of the processes going on it will be easier for you to understand why you should take certain supplements to enhance your workouts and speed up your recovery. Want to know what you should be taking to get the most from your training and post workout recovery? Find out below…

Pre workout
Protein & carbohydrates

Before your workout, you need to ensure your body has the correct fuel so you can get the most out of your workouts. This means you need to eat your meal about an hour before your workout so your body can make the best out of the nutrients. A protein powder supplement and a slow release carbohydrate would be the best choice such as a mix of oats and whey as this will provide you with a steady release of energy throughout your workout. You can also enjoy a pre workout drink that usually contains an explosive dose of ingredients to give you heightened energy levels.

Intra workout
BCAA & Caffeine

When you are completing your workout, it can be a big strain on your body and muscles. Because you are full of protein and carbohydrate, your body has what it needs to power you through so what can you take to enhance the workout? You can make your own intra workout dink consisting of water, a scoop of amino acids and some added caffeine. The amino acids or BCAAS are the building blocks of muscle so can help prevent them from going catabolic (breaking down). BCAAS also help with post workout recovery. Caffeine will give you that extra energy boost you need to get through the workout and complete those ever so important extra reps.

Post workout
Maltodextrin & Creatine

After your workout along with your protein shake, you should take some fast acting carbohydrate in the form of Maltodextrin, tricarb powder or even a banana to instantly replenish your glycogen levels and give your body an insulin spike. Creatine is also another excellent supplement choice to take. It is found naturally in the body where it is used to create ATP, the most explosive form of energy. Creatine can be obtained from red meat but it is more practical to take higher-dose creatine supplements in order to achieve the required levels. Add it to your post workout shake.

Taking the right supplements at the right time is crucial to achieve ample growth and recover faster. Along with protein the supplements described above will enhance every area of your training allowing you to grow faster and not succumb to the painful world of muscle soreness for too long. Get stocked up and start reaping the benefits today.

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